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You must only make it out of scraps and the point of  this is to get pepole to make robots out  of wierd and scrap stuff.

the main point of this challnge is to make a robot with a cost of none 

challnge ends 31st of december 2015

More rules : you can only do it with stuff a your house and you can not buy any stuff 

Prizes : 1st place set of four motors 

Jugement: ill will be the judge

More: ill will make a robot of my own but it wont be in the compation 

Of I see you have used parts that have being bort recently you will lose points


if you make it with all junk and scraps you get 20points

if you use mostly scraps you will get 15 points

if you use some scraps you will get 10 points

if you use 0 scraps you will get 2 points

bouns points

if you make it have a voice you will get 10 more points

if it has  a remote control mode you get 5 more points 

if is a sumobot you will get 15 more points

if it has a working display screen you get 7 points

if the entry has a video and pictures you get 5 more points

if the entry has a list of scraps and parts and also how you made it you get 15 points

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I got a LOT of stuff in my house

if you have stuff just enter then 

if you have stuff just enter then 

I think most of the bots you see here are made from various "junk" we have around our houses, I know my BRP is....
And then how do you define "junk around the house? I have some pretty cool and expensive "junk" Some of it has been over 180miles per hour (racecar takeoffs).
And "you can not buy any stuff" (the main point of this challnge is to make a robot with a cost of none )
Really, so, I need to make a microcontroller out of twine and cardboard scraps, maybe old radio parts? And sensors also? It seems we might have needed to buy these things already? (newbies need not apply) They can't be "junk" or they probably do not work. 

I really don't see any way you can have a materials challenge.... 
One man's junk is anothers treasure. 

I'll give it a go... HERE is my entry. It is made from mostly scrap, and has an Instructable. It weighs 3lbs. How many points do I get? Also, could I add a sumo-mode to my robot for an additional 15 points.

yes you can


I have an old led robot "face" from an old toy. I has inputs for left eye, left eye blink, right eye, side teeth and middle tooth. It is from the S.B.D. 3000 robot bank toy. Does it count as a display?

yes ti does