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Cnc Engraver Homebuilt from Amazon

Makes circuit boards

Dear: LMR

Thanks guys for being here. Today I just barely finished my CNC I got yesterday and so far it seems to work great other than the fact it doesn't engrave. It is a MYSWEETY cnc from amazon and although it doesn't engrave it should engrave I just don't know what the issue is.

It took a lot of assembly to get it right. I had to reassemble it 3 times because I kept screwing up each time and that was the only way to fix it. It should not be used to engrave metal or anything very hard or strong. I can tell it can't handle that.

Also I am going to use it to make homebrew circuit boards. Wish me good luck!!! Thanks!!!

From: Noah


Final Update

It is finished now. I had to put additional loctite on all the bolts, had to download windows 10 on my computer to use it's software that came with it, and even lock washer and loctite on the bolts that needed it which none of that came with the kit in the first place.

My final opinion about this is for $225 not inluding the additional stuff I bought to come with it, it is amazing but not too amazing. I had to do some unnecessary stuff to get it working which this kit should have came with lockwashers and lock nuts which it didn't. I have posted a video on youtube of it working. Thanks!!! Wish me good luck!!!

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If it follows a path and the spindle is turning, it's likely working correctly. The motor likely simply is not powerful enough. Note that for a CNC mill, you need to get an idea of how long to leave the bit at a given position and how fast to move it - the same would apply to the engraver. Check that the bit is still sharp and try on a softer material like foam or a soft plastic or wood.

It can definitely engrave copper. I've seen it do it. It can't do it for very long. That is because everytime it is in use the bolts and screws come out. I am going to use loctite. I am getting worried this will happen again.

Nevermind - I saw it in the page :D