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"CoasterBot" Robot Design Contest by Club Jameco



What is a coaster? A CD or DVD that has no use other than holding a beverage, or in this case, forming the framework for a robot.


Club Jameco, the hobbyist site that allows electronics enthusiasts to earn commissions from the sale of their projects, is sponsoring CoasterBot II after the successful original contest from a few years back. Have fun building and win a prize!


Cut/paste this URL for registration and all contest info: http://www.clubjameco.com/index.php/pages/display/coaster-bot?CID=bcletsmakerobots


Registration deadline is July 31, 2013.


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The extra sensor should provide an additional function, which may be related to the other functions. It must avoid obstacles, but the additional sensor may allow it to engage with certain objects. For example, a tennis ball robot could avoid running into the net or fence but pick up tennis balls.

Or the extra sensor could be for something unrelated to objects, such as it could be activated by music and dance without running into something.

Hope that helps!

I guess that is a fun challenge and I am ready to join :-)

Excellent. You are confirmed.

But what does it mean " the ability to navigate space". Should it navigate to a certain location or roaming around by avoiding obstacles?

Roaming around and avoiding obstacles.

Navigating to location is not required.

Ok, thanks :)

hello,I saw the registration deadline is 31st July....but on the site it's showing that it's 1st July.....can I include myself now for the challenge?




You may still register for the contest. We extended the deadline to July 31 and will change the date on the Club Jameco site. Thanks for the catch. To register, please send email to Challenges@Jameco.com including designer name, address, phone number and a brief description of the coasterbot.