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Computer - Arduino

U can control the arduino by PC.

I built a Visual-Basic program that can control arduino pins.

As You can see in the picture, you can choose with COM port to connect,

And you can send a manual command to Arduino by Serial Port,

You can control pin 13 I/O and pin 6 PWM,

You can do the same to the all other pins.

On the Arduino, he recives all the bits and put them on char until he see the command sign [/].

Then he test bit after bit and do the command.

The command:

M = Mode [0 to I/O 2 to PWM, 1 is on work...]

P = Pin [02-13]

S = State, on mode 0 is 1 to on 0 to off, on mode 2 is [001 - 256].

Here's a download for this program: V1 http://www.mediafire.com/?k6rr5a6awk4jk6m

Arduino sketch[sorry if it bad...]:V1 http://www.mediafire.com/?fc90o2tol7hdwuu

In the future i will build system to control servo and more, and the Arduino will can send feedbacks...

Thank you, that is my first post here...

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Cool, any chance to download the program?

Are you planning to put more functionality in? 

Welcome to LMR, nice first post.

Yes, I add the downloads in the post, sorry i forgot...

And Yes, I will put more functionality in!


I can help you make this better :)