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connect picaxe / computer / internet - budget solution ?


am a newbee to picaxe working with mac soft- and hardware

& i spent a a lot of  time looking for the following:



i would like to ...


- transfer in- output data from simple components 

(such as a IR LED used for light/dark detection )


- .... via picaxe


- ... to windows and mac computers


in order to ....


- pass them on to a website 

  or eMail them



i already had a look at ...


- arduino/processing configurations

(e.g. some amazing "twitter" variants 

posted on instructables,  hack-a-day, etc. ... )


- additional external server projects

(as on picaxeuser.co.uk

 - e.g. very impressive webcams 

driven by websites and controlled by 'site users ...)


- Nordic RF, Cellular, Zigbee, Bluetooth, XBee

WiFi, FM Transmitter and Receiver, General TX/RX 

sending/receiving configurations

(btw. - there is a very interesting comparison

of these on sparkfun --->

http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/128 )


- very elaborate software solutions

(using combinations of php, processing, python

and other scripts)


all of them being highly impressive

and, most important of course: working well



but -

is there any quite easy-to-configure


budget way which does not require ...


-  additional, external servers


-  platform specific software

   (windows/mac/linux only)


- the implementation of several software packages



and runs with e.g. ...


- a 08M2 picaxe (or larger).... 


- probably cheap component(s)

(such as the Nordic RF mentioned on sparkfun)


- a minimum of software requirements


- a software/software component which is easy to install

and configure (Visual Basic Macros doesn't seem to run

once i created them via word on my mac)





 any hints are highly appreciated ...


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you want to be able to pass the state of an IR LED for light/dark detection. That is it? Does it need to be wireless? DanM posted a blog about the inexpensive radio tx/rx pairs. If it can be wired then you will only require a MAX232 chip or similar and a pair of wires. Beyond that, some software to read the data the PICAXE is spitting out and you are done.

"Key-fob" transmitters really sound like a good & cheap option :


i would prefer a wireless connection -

the component (a - picaxe-based- sensor)

is positioned ca. 5 meters away from the computer

(too much danger of a potential cable mess-up since

the sensor will be moved now and then )


will then proceed to ...

find a wiring diagram and coding for these & picaxe chips

(hope they will work with 08M2 ones)

and find out about how the coded signal works


need to learn about how to receive/convert the signals

on a mac/win computer 


which could turn out to be the most time-consuming as well as tricky part to solve



thanks for this link, again - i was desperate to find a cheap component!


looks like i posted this twice when answering birdmun ... apologies!