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Coolest DiscoBot Video Award (new date)



Gentlemen, start your DISCO-Bot(s) !


rules are simple :


  • wheels are DVD / CD / BluRay
  • be autonomous
  • be shining, flashing, blinking, skidding, spinning,...   FUN !!!
  • the award goes to the coolest video
  • multiple DiscoBot is a plus
  • challenge ends on 2009-07-15





The winner will get a KTMS1201 12x1 serial LCD,  which I'll ship worldwide for free



(7segs are able to write some text as well) 40px-7-segment_abefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_def.svg.pnga 40px-7-segment_abcefg.svg.png40px-7-segment_bcdfg.svg.png



Here is my own entry for the contest: 

DiscoBot II - 18.8GB :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr-4hU0B3Kw 


DiscoBot - 9.4GB is here : https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/5489 

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Does 1069-A1 count? /node/2679

Make sure to forward the video to 2:20 for the Disco.


for sure!

With some flashlight, it's a short-(w)heeled discobot 


Anyway, I still have to find a way to gather the votes (because I won't choose the winner myself)

special attention will be paid to any 'LP' DiscoBot

eight "track"ed bots? get it? "eight", "tracks", huh, huh?

Wow: This Justin (video of dancing bot)

via botjunkie (make sure to watch all the other moves of this bot!)

and i thought omni-wheels were expensive... use HD DVDs :P

Hi everyone!

Is there an extension for this challenge? how about extend it until more join. or 3 months.. Just wondering..[evil laugh!!!]

let's give some more time


new date is 2009-07-15 

a cool project to do with my daughter. Im in if theres an extension! 

My CrapDiscoBot!

What do you mean "it is too late?" :)