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Creative Robotics Workshop - 1st Edition


This weekend I have the pleasure of giving the first edition of Creative Robotics Workshop at Imerge (Porto) with the amazing support of Inmotion.pt.

14 participants coming from diferent areas of interest had the opportunity and the experience of building a robot similar to Farrusco, but with some upgrades like LDRs, bumpswitchs, infrared sensor and a buzzer, unfortunately time wasn´t enough to use an RGB Led, this would give color to all the acrilic chassis.

It was a very positive experience, and everyone leave with a complete robot, ready to be a platform of learning and development.









Fotografias de Helder Dias e Joana Gomes

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Oh, and you captured a girl in there as well!! The world now has 2 -TWO- female botdorks.

Do you do this kind of thing for a living, or are you one of those #¤%& that makes everything look easy? I'm talking about arranging workshops, not talking to girls... Did it generate a lot of work, or was it just a matter of buying enough kits, hiring a room, reading through the assembly manual before the others showed up and make sure everybody had coffe and held on to the right end of the soldering iron?

BTW, did I mention this was cool?

I don´t do this for living, there where many requests and interested people in the area and the oportunity came to me, this workshop was an experiment, more workshops will come in the near future. All the organization and preparation gave me a lot of work, and Inmotion.pt gave me a great help and support... in the end it was very rewarding.

Oh, and there were 3 girls at the workshop, all very enthusiastic..  :)

When you work a lot things become easy.. I´m not talking about talking to girls...