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This Challange is to see the craftsmanship of the robot along with the programers abilty to know the details of there robots movements.

Basic Start in the middle and have your robot movie to the outer squar and then move to the following squars. Then go back to the center. That is the challange.

Rules : 1. No Senors!                                                                                   

           2. Must be in side each box fully.

Request this be taken on by are New people but that does not meen that you can not enter.  Any one can win!

PRIZE is My old solidering iron and Some random robot componets. Like resitors and diodes and if i am realy impressed i will include some standoffs.

 For more than one winner i will take a vote of the site to chose one WINNER!


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lol if we won the contest chances are we already have an old soldering iron... probably multiples ones


just do it for fun :P
No, do it for me.. and have him sending the price over to me. I need a new soldering iron. Even a used one will be better :)

What is your definition of sensors? (Trying to do a Clinton here)

What about encoders? 

Yes, maybe the challenge should be redefined to only use interoceptors (sensors that read internal state) and proprioceptors (sensors that read states of robot's parts) of which encoders would belong to the latter category. Exteroceptors (sensors that read the surrounding environment) should not be allowed.

Sorry for the strange words but I just happened to read them in a robot related report and was eager to use them :-D

But I held back. I've used the proprioceptor term before, but the other 2 I'd not seen. They make sense though. Except it seems using proprioceptor and interoceptor would be redunudant.

If you too are done with your dictionary. I will take a vote to see if you want a second class for Interoceptors.  To vote contact me with "Vote Challange"  in the subject line to vote.

And so you know. No Sensor means NO SENSORS.  Thank you for asking questions. That is how every one learns.

What's a sensor? I have an proprioceptors and therefore interoceptors in my code which, for example, sense when a counter has expired... Without this type of sensor I think we're stuck at the start line.

Do you hate me yet?

But i do belive you missed your calling as a question generator for a game show. In responce  to the idea of a sensor.

Lets just say a sensor is any divce that can produce a signal that is not in the controling ic.

Does it have to be exactly those dimensions? :O