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Delta robot

Move objects

This is my bachelor thesis. Delta robot will pick up objects and paletize them using machine vision. Servos are controlled by FPGA, that is controlled by SingleBoard RIO, that is controlled by PC with LabView, that is controlled by notebook with C#. But it is not complete yet.

FPGA, RIO and PC are all using LabView. But LabView is not good on "strategy thinking" so I use my notebook with C# connected by LAN to do it. Lately, after debuging, I will use C# dlls imported into LabView to do the "strategy thinking".

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Looks like a real high quality build. Would be interesting to see the command train for the user interface, on your "factory coworker". I want to see/hear more about the FPGA as well. Great work. Looking forward to seeing more.

What do you mean with "factory coworker". What exactly you want to know about FPGA? FPGA is integrated into Sigle Board RIO, they communicate internaly. Servo signal cables are simply soldered to FPGA outputs.