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Demonstrating Haxtronic's artificial narrow intelligence : cracking wpa2 psk & reporting to internet

Today I have successfully Demonstrating Haxtronic Robot's artificial narrow intelligence skills: "cracking wpa2 psk & reporting the password to internet" on  hacking and security Training for "Agency For The Assessment And Application for Technology of Indonesia" as in the video:


Haxtronic is a robot that I currently developing and actually not finished yet, where it has some sort of artificial intelligence, logical thinking using fuzzy logic(also for nlp), computer vision and nlp (natural language processing).


for this robot brain, I sacrifice one of my laptop with i core 5 where each speed is 1,80 ghz, and ram is 4 gb, meanwhile as controller I used 2 arduino mega 2560 where each connected using i2c. the master arduino is connected to laptop using ethernet shield (controlled using socket programming). additional power sources is 3 power banks where 2 power bank is serialized to create about 10 volt. to prevent  reverse voltage, I've added in4004 diode to arduino's volt cable. this robot's steering is based on differential drive, where it has only 2 wheel in front and 1 idle wheel in back.

it uses 2 tlwn722n, the first is to scan wireless network and crack it. and the other one should be connected to master. once it has access to a wireless network, it should report to it's master then do arp poisoning to capture some important informations such as web based passwords, credit cards data, ftp passsword,etc where all datas will be reported to master. this robot also able to run metasploit for exploiting some victims on LAN and having knowledges about buffer overflow, heap spraying (actually all is artificial narrow intelligence)


1 cpu fan cooling has been added at bottom of the robot



Sorry for all this shabbiness and ugliness since I put some cigarette trashes and some trashes around the bottom of this robot.


motor is only 2 low rpm motor with high torquee. this robot weight's is about 7 kgs






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It looks like a scary lurking robot.
Have you heard about ESP8266? It's a little wifi microcontroller that can be programmed with lua or arduino libraries.

Does the ESPN have the horsepower to crack WPA? Though I might go with a RasPi or ODroid for the small form factor and the ability to do almost anything. Maybe 2 RasPis, one to run the bot, and the other to do whatever the mission of the day is.

Actually that sounds interesting for a spybot. The one computer is normal, and the other has high level security and encrypted file systems and such.

Another alternative is the Intel NUC.

On the other hand, for cost, an old about to be replaced laptop is pretty cheap and will do the job.

Very nice idea for a robot. Not that I approve of cracking, but I could picture a much smaller/sleeker version of this in a movie or TV show.

One ESP alone can't do much. It has 80MHz, 1M flash and 80kb of ram, which are not enough. However for 3€ a piece they can be employed in bigger numbers, simulating access points, reporting to master, logging wifi activity and strenght signal, making a DoS attack, trying passwords within different intervals, changing MAC address to simulate different machines,...

Some boards can be connected directly with usb, and they can communicate via serial or wifi. Each module can also behave as a station and an access point at the same time, but in my experience it becomes unreliable when used in AP+STA mode.

Good to see robots with some real CPU power !



@Silux : I just heard ESP8266 from you. btw my reason to use usb wireless and laptop is simple: as I usually run aircrack from my laptop. and basically just like DangerousThing have said.

I need sufficient horse power to deauth and for creating twin evil mode ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evil_twin_%28wireless_networks%29 ). anyway thank you for suggestion, I will try to use ESP8266but for another robot. Sorry for dark photos, actually I feel it's urgently needed for buying more lights for my house.


@Mikerr: I need sufficient cpu power for computer vision (opencv)