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Do you feel the Force? Call for Reviewers

Hello LMRians!

While the latest Star Wars movie has been divisive, there's one thing that hasn't: the Droid Inventor Kit is a pretty cool product for kids (and giant kids aka adults).

We have one Droid Inventor Kit looking for a galactic sidekick to review it. We have done a video about it earlier this year (you can go check it out here if not done already) but we'd like to see your take on this product!

You should focus on the first missions within the app. And showcase how this kit can spark creativity by making your own custom droid. 

The only requirements for this call for reviewers are :

We'll pick out one member who will receive the product for free and review it for the rest of the community.

You know you have only one thing left to do at this point.

Just write in the comment why you're the best person for this task.

May the Force be with you - and Happy Holidays!

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A bit expensive though, especially the Little bits workshop kit. $2000!!! Really?

(No, I'm not the person to review this kit, it wouldn't fit in my Youtube channel.)

Put my name in the drawing. Qualifications include 7 grand children and a wife who meshes perfectly with kids and Star Wars toys. 

I've got a 3yr old grandson and he and his mom are waaaay into Star Wars. She's bought a 3d printer to create and print Star Wars toys for him, and they've got all kinds of Lego robotics things that they build toys with. I think this Little Bits kit would be a great next step for them on their way from Legos toward building robots from scratch. If you pick me, I'll do my best to give you a decent review, and I'll get my daughter and grandson to do the lion's share of the work.

You have been selected for this round of review!

Could you send me a direct message on Slack so we can get this rolling? :) 

Wow! Thanks very much. I'll PM you ASAP, and then make some room in my lair for a new project, and then clear my schedule.

I would love to do the review of this product.

While I am not a real Star Wars fan and do love the robots from the movie.

While you can see I keep myself very busy with projects I believe I can set aside time for this project.

I have a few Cams here and I also have Adobe Premiere and have extensive knowledge on how to use it.

Can the video be a timelapse video or a stop motion movie.

What are the key points you are wanting to cover, is it just assembly and a review of the assembly/working of the kit.

I am very interested in doing the review.