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Face Detection

So this is my first official post to LMR. Every robot builder/ AI person that I have know has always wanted to do Face Detection. I found a fairly straight forward way to do just that and the cost is FREE.. Now how often do you hear that word and then say so what is the catch. No catch here just some free libraries that will do Face Detection. You can download the libraries from aforgenet.

All of the projects that you will find at their site are done in C#, I converted the source code over to VB.NET as I prefer it.

You can download the project that I have built from this link.

You can also download the source from this link.

The project is pretty straight forward.

1) Select you cam

2) Select the resolution

3) Press Start.

Hopefully this will help others out there looking to do some face Detection and Tracking.

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This is great stuff!

I have to check it as I want to add something like this to one of my robots... Can I put it in a Rasperry Pi? Thanks for sharing!

This version is a Windows Based application only. I am not familiar enough with the python or C++ language to convert it to that which will run on the PI.

the source code link is diabled for high traffic!! 

If you know of a better place to upload files to so they can be downloaded please let me know.

MEGA, Sabercathost, Mediafire, Zippyshare

New link for downloading. Thank you for the suggestions.

Thanks for the link to the excellent AForge.NET library. It's always useful to learn about new ones, even if you use Python or C++. Each of them do different things well.