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This FAQ is about posting on LetsMakeRobots.com. For questions about building robots, please read this page.

Q: Should I post my stupid beginner's questions?

A: Yes you should post your question in the forum (not in the shout box). Let's Make Robots is a community of robot building people, therefore nice people. We will not call you any names, even when you call yourself stupid.

However, your chances of getting really useful answers depend on the details you provide. And the number of answers will depend on how much effort you put into first researching the matter yourself. Did you use our search page yet? Or the Really Big One? Make sure to share the results in your question. Don't expect the nice people to do all the legwork for you. See "Best Practices".

Q: Can I post my robot on this robot site?

A: Yes please! This is a community site. And every member can post on the site. Just make sure you have got something real to show. If you are describing just an idea for a new project, post it on your personal blog. A robot need not be completely finished to earn its own page, but it has to exist. So called "nonbots" are not welcome in the Robots section. See "Best Practices".

Q: Can I update a robot page later?

A: Yes please! The robot page gets promoted to the front page with every update. To alter the page, just click the "edit"-tab in the top of the page. Make sure to log in first. It is considered good form to write your updates chronologically, showing the date of your addition.

Q: My English is so bad. A spelling checker would be really helpful(l?)

A: Yes I know! Try right-clicking in the input area, your browser is likely to have a helpful checker already (or may offer you to install it).

Q: Can I use pretty pictures?

Yes please! You can place images on all pages you can edit, including forum posts. Look for this icon it's a tree, you fool in the editor. It will show the insert image dialog.

There are two types of images: the ones on your own computer and the ones already available on the Internet somewhere.
Internet images: Just copy/paste the URL of the image into the dialog.
Your own files: upload them to letsmakerobots.com first. Use this icon in the dialog. It will present you with a simple file manager. Upload your files from there. Please "Scale if necessary". Click on any uploaded picture to insert its URL into the image dialog. Make sure your pictures are pretty, following these tips.

Q: I have got very large pictures and plenty of them. Now what?

Please restrain yourself! Consider your readers. Many and/large pictures take longer to download and create very long pages to scroll. Why not use an online photo album like Picasa or Flickr and link to the images from LMR? These websites often provide photo management software for your computer.

When placing or linking a large image, please reduce the size. Click on the image in your post and drag a corner to shrink it.


Q: Shall I show the continuing progress in a robot project?

A: Yes please! Make a blog-entry each time you have anything to say about your project or about life in general. If you mark the blog posting to belong to an existing robot project, the link will automatically be added to your post. When your robot has grown considerably, you can also update your robot page as described above.

Q: Is my video cool enough for this awesome site?

A: YES it is! A robot page is not really complete without moving pictures. Any video will do. Titles, music, narration or even your face on camera, are just extra bonus. A few tips though:
♥ more light is always better;
♥ keep it short;
♥ do not repeat the same event over again;
♥ make the pictures really move;
♥ complete video howto here;
♥ read this for more tips.

Q: Which video service do you recommend?

A: LMR supports several services, or so it claims. I have not tried them all (yet). When you are familiar with YouTube, stick with that. It works well for most of us, so anyone can help you with any difficulties. Google Video is rumoured to be slow with processing new videos. Blip looks great, but the embedding on LMR fails. MetaCafe works just as well as YouTube.

In general the process is like it is on letsmakerobots.com. Sign up, log in, upload your file, edit the properties later. Plus: be patient.

Embedding is easy. All these services provide you with ready made embedding tags. Copy/paste those tags into the correct boxes on the LMR edit page. Not all page types on LMR support video. You cannot embed video in mid text.

Q: Why are my links not clickable?

A: The rich text editor will make a fully qualified URL clickable automagically. But not when the URL is on the start of a new paragraph with a single space in front of it. Quick experiment:

Use the link creator to circumvent this bug.



(This FAQ is maintained by Rik. Please respond below. Last edit: 3 Dec 2013)

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Without glasses is would be better

Hi everyone, I and brand new to your site and entered your forum in hopes that I can find an answer to an age old problem in agriculture, namely weeds. 

I have a small farm in Central Florida and I grow fruit and vegetables for u pick, you can see my farm on Facebook under upicktopia.com. The problem is I spend a lot of time weeding, mowing and spraying unwanted vegitation. I would like to build a robot that is capable of going up and down the rows between the plant beds. Most robotic lawn mowers use random patterns to mow. This will not work for my application. I want something to go down the row and turn at the end of the row and start the next row. Some of my plantings are on plastic mulched raised beds, others are open beds where I grow blueberries and soon tangerines. 

There is a huge market for this concept, especially in organic production as all of the effective weed killers are not allowed. GPS guiding would be cool but I think that sensors mounted on the sides and a simple logic circuit would be able to do the job as long as you place the bot at the starting spot. Necessity is the mother of invention, I have a real need and so does the world. Does anyone have an idea as to how to start this project?