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First autonomous robot

Rolls around and doesn't hit anything...

My first moving robot. It's an arduino based bot that uses two continuous servos, adafruit motor shield, and Sharp IR. The wheels were scavenged off of a toy car I found at a thrift store, and the body is built from a two Erector type toy sets I found at the dollar store. The toy sets are awesome, cheap ($5 and $8), and came with a ton of parts and hardware!! Also, the back of the bot has a ski that is made from the front fender of a toy motorcycle (thrift store find).



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cool robot mate! welcome to LMR!

Welcome to LMR
But why the motor shield if you’re using servos?

Haha.. good catch.  I bought the motor shield kit for future projects and I wanted to use it to make sure it worked after I had soldered it up.  It will be coming off for my next bot.

Looks WAY better than my first bot.

how work the Optical distance sensors?

Can you tell me i can programming the sensor?

What sensors and microcontroller are you using?  Measuring distance via infra-red sensor is so common that there's probably an off the shelf solution for you.