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First experience with myrobotlab robot control software...

A brilliant free robot control software that lets you assemble services to add functionality.

Hey all! I'm so excited by my first experiences with MRL ( http://myrobotlab.org/ ) that I thought I might post a video that I just made. I am currently finishing up a 3D printer in order to print my very own InMoov android robot( http://inmoov.blogspot.com/ ). I have started fooling around with myrobotlab for several reasons; The developer (GroG) has been working closely with the developer of InMoov, and because MRL seems like a perfect fit for someone like myself with almost no programming background that wants to add capabilities FAR above what I would be able to develop myself. The developer makes himself readily available on his site to answer questions and aid complete newbies like me! Take a look at this video to see what I mean:


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He hasn't spent much time with us of late, but, he is a good guy to have around. :)