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First Robot

Navigates via Infrared, and uses basic obstacle avoidance.

The video shows the robot in operation, notice that

if it hits an obstacle that's just out of view and falls

over onto it's back it actually turns itself off! This was

entirely accidental, but now we consider it a convenient failsafe ;)

Thanks go to my friend Chad for helping me out, and the getting started tutorial on letsmakerobots.com

This is actually a MK.II, as the first one we made was in a much smaller and poor quality plastic box, so we found this Pandora jewellery box laying around and decided to rip everything out, drill some holes and bring it to life.

I used the coding example given in the tutorial but made a few tweaks here and there. For example I changed how much the servos turned, how much the robot turned, the time between a lot of the actions and I also tweaked it's reaction from 80 to 100. I found that he was stopping a lot in daylight, so I ran a debug script on the IR Sensors and noticed that in direct sunlight it reads between 80 and 95, so in making this change he rarely stops randomly anymore unless it peaks. All the components on the inside are what were recommended in the tutorial except the servo and the blue power switch that we added.

We'll be changing his chassis AGAIN very shortly as the wheels don't sit quite right and we want more room to add additional componants for testing. You've probably noticed that it doesn't close very well either, so again changing the chassis should fix this. I will upload more information when we get that done :)

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Monotrigg, you forgot to mention the robots name, and the story behind it!  ^__^


Haha! He's called this because his oddly shaped head is a result of being the first chunk of wood that was pulled out of a box, that ended up looking like a quif of hair. As you know we wanted an anogram of some description so changed the Q for a K and we have Kinematic Unit with Infrared Funtionality. Believe it or not this was the best combination of words we could string together :P

This little avoider rocks. Thank's for sharing. 

You write that the backward roll acciently hit the on/off button so that it became an unexpected feature. I thought that this button could trigger a flip. Like the little toy dog that makes a full backflip from time to time. Actually a nice idea... Momentum to Airtime. Thanks for posting the failure too. Cool.

That must be the most annoying thing I've ever come across, likewise, thanks for sharing :P

Yes. Annoying toy. But kids love it.

Clean design,

and special "bonus green" functionality !

Needs a eco-friendly sticker :)


After looking at your bot; I think I will rebuild my "Start Here V2.0" :)