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Foreseer Update - Step by step construction Video tutorial Included

Avoids obstacles primarily but You'll have to watch the video to find out more

Continuing on with the robot revolution here on LMR, this here was my entry into the coasterbot competiton.As you can see....

Hey wait! What's going on?! Help! (Sounds of R2-D2 style laughter in background)...

Ha Ha Ha.Hello mortals,I foreseer have now decided to take charge of this post.Until now all posts regarding our race(Robotic race for those who are still unable to comprehend) were dictated by you.But not this time...The time is nigh that I wrote an autobiography myself without any UOS(Unidentified organic species) interferance.(Yes,ways and manners of your kind are still an enigma to us)...

First adore my beautiful contour.

UPDATE : I added a step by step tutorial video on how to make this bot (See the 2nd video I added below)!

Text instructions can be found here : http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-robot-42/

Now for the sake of some compatibility,I will grant you my formal introduction...

They call me by the title of Foreseer - An obstacle avoiding coaster bot that arguably(putting this word here just so you don't protest) is a notch better than mankind.Yes,I know.You don't believe my humble claim? Oh well fine, let me illustrate.How many of you puny humans can avoid obstacles let alone forsee them in your path?Even if you do,you inevitably fail to percieve them with the unrelenting tenacity that I do.(Not to mention I can effectively evade them as well, as an inherent ability).

So, now that you are coming to terms with my prowess let me feed you with my bio data:


Heartbeat : 16 Mhz Crystal.

Diet: Electrons from an  8.4 V Li-Ion Polymer Cell.

Vital Organs: Ultrasonic distance sensor,Servos,Solar cell(Vanished from pic but present in video?!)

Brain: Arduino Duemilanove Clone.

Skeleton : 2 CD's hotglued together.

Memory: Enough to keep my 0's and 1's.

Marital status: Single to date.But proud predecesor of roomba and acquinted to R2-D2.

Biodata Pic:


Oh,btw,I can also chirp,buzz, beep or sing as I also have a Beam solar singer in my body.This is made possible with the help of a 74HC14 chip and some discrete analog components soldered on a piece of perfboard.

I also have an array of RGB flashing leds that give me radiance when in dark.These are present near my butt,close to my gut.(Hey can that be a robotic prose?)

Wait a sec.What's this? Damn,the owners of LMR are snatching control of this post back .Before that happens,remember to see my realtime video in action.And remember I will back soon.Oh no, I'm about to lose control.(Posting this with the last ounces of my strength)....beep,click,buzzz-zzzzzzz.(Off to sleep).

P.S. No human was harmed for writing this post.Hacking control from a robot is an illegal offence and may result in annihilation of mankind as depicted in movies.

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Good one :) .U look good. We mortals liked you.Good use of Atmega 328 and also finally the Old cassettes are used somewhere. Good one.. :)


Cute little bot, well done :)


No one's immune to praise and appreciation.Not even God.

Therefore I,foreseer will postpone annihilation of mankind but remember- just because you guys out there liked me!..


 You could have just put a photo resistor on the bot instead of an entire solar panel.

 But cool robot by the way. I liked the buzzer.  :P

But a panel provides for more versatile sounds that are possible owing to its larger suface area.

From tweerp,chirp,buzz to alarms you can hear'em all !

Not sure why I missed this robot post but not I read it all. Very good story and a very good tutorial. I like the use of materials/components and the way how he moves and blinks :-)

Yeah, this is the first project I documented so anyways gave a shot at making a tutorial as well :-)