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Fully Autonomous RC Car

In this post I wish to outline the build of a compact indoor autonomous car using neural network for navigation. The setup can be used to train and validate autonomous driving neural network models quickly and easily.

The robot is a two-wheel differential steering type. The robot chassis was laser cut out of 5mm clear acrylic, in order to minimize self-shadowing in front of the camera. As you can see there is no caster wheel, rather balance is via a zip-tie tied in a loop. The usual hardware is present, Raspberry Pi 2 and the Adafruit Motor HAT. A 2200mAh 2S battery piowers the setup. A 3A UBEC  is used for stepping down the voltage to drive the Pi and PWM generator.

The robot is loaded with a Raspbian image, and uses the Burro autonomous driving platform to steer and control throttle. Burro uses a pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network model trained using Keras and Tensorflow.

The track is available as a PDF file and can be printed on A0 size paper for best results. The default model included in Burro is suitable for this track.

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Would love to read the PDF and see some pictures :)

I uploaded some pictures but it seems the upload system is a bit perky so they were probably not saved.. I guess :)

I updatd the post so they should be ok after the update.


Thanks for the comment!

I don't see the pictures or PDF either. 

Sorry guys, I've been trying to wrestle the editing system into submission but I failed. Anyway, I have a couple of posts detailing the build at my blog https://backyardrobotics.eu, in particular:



Your cabling is very neat.

I also read your website and watched your video. Nice soothing music, I can tell you are working on your robots with dedication.

Thanks for posting.

Thank you very much maelh for your comment. Cabling is indeed a big deal to me, thanks for noticing.