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Getting an Arduino Mini Pro to program when in a Paralax BOE (Board of Education).

Allows you to program an Arduino Mini Pro when plugged into a BOE.

If you cut the ATN line (pin 3) of the Basic Stamp 2 socket on the BOE board, you can program an Arduino Pro Mini in circuit. The picture shows where to cut.

I ran across another member (jbalza74) here who had this same problem. Link to his [robot](https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/boe-bot-with-arduino-pro-mini).

[This](http://fnorky.net/getting-an-arduino-mini-pro-to-program-when-in-a-paralax-boe-board-of-education.html) is a link is to my blog where I describe in way to much detail how I found this.