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Giger: Custom Humanoid Robot

Walking, Balancing, Competing in Mech Warfare

First post here but figured I would share my most recent work; an EX-106+ servo based custom humanoid robot named Giger. This bot was designed in Autodesk Inventor, and machined from 5052 alloy aircraft aluminum using a Sherline 2000 CNC and some work from Rapid Sheet Metal. He stands 62cm tall, weighs about 5kg and uses a total of 10x EX-106+, 6x RX-64s, and 8x RX-28s. Video shown is rough initial progress, walking gait still needs a lot of work and the IMU data needs to be integrated for dynamic balancing.








Update: New Brackets + Servo upgrades!



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Beautiful Work! Wow!

Hey Tyb, fancy meeting you here!

To everyone: Giger's stats may be impressive, but it is even more impressive to see in person.  It must be about 60cm tall and looks like it could crush those puny Robonova kung-fu fighters with a single blow.

Looking forward to more updates!

That thing dont got a prayer against my work in progress (aka dream). 90 cm tall! Beautiful job, I would like to know your walking program for mine. Just a few questions...

Double-servos. do they have 2 horns or one? Can I have a Link?

Torque per cm, and length of the legs...please.

weight of finished robot

Sensors...any plans for autonomous?

Can I have the cad files emailed to Benbo231@gmail.com? I need to see some of those joints for my own project...

Awesome robot obviously. But $10000? Seriously? :/
Its the actuators.  A bundle of 10 is well over $2,000.  It could probably have been done with like, $10 actuators, but I don't know really.  I think I'll try to build a cheap version of this around Christmas time just to see.

Thanks guys!

 Yeah the Dynamixels are very pricey and account for the majority of the cost, the RX-64s are about $300 a pop, RX-28s are around $200.

$10 actuators that put out over 1000 oz-in of torque is something I'd like to see though ;)

WOW 1000 oz-in?!?!? I just found a bundle of 8 servos for a bargain- 34 bucks flat.  But... they're 17.5 oz-in haha! Whatever, I'm still going to try to make a mini-one like this.  Its inspiring :)

Also, I have Autodesk Inventor from my school.  Hm........ 

I'm just jealous because I can't afford proper hardware like that :(
I love it!
nice camera too