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Glue gun: Pros and Cons


sticks well


easy to use



kinda dangerous...got burned several times...

some are very flimsy, so be careful

may be frustrating

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Haters gonna hate...



Are you trolling? I know there are a few here that sleep with their glue gun. It's the same with any type of adhesive substance, you have to know what materials and applications it works best with.

I saw a comment here recently by someone regarding there being some who frowned on the use of hot glue. I am now stating my position as completely neutral in that I own one but I don't use it much but have no opinion on people who do love their glue guns or how effective they are.

: D

Well, I am a troll with my friends in a way, but...well...I guess you're right. Just that my glue gun is no good at all...

...I better modify this tip...

Do you know any type of glue gun that sticks well? 

I'm going to start work on a hexapod robot soon, and I'm planning to use hot glue... as long as it doesn't fall apart instantly, perhaps its flimsiness could act as a fail-safe for those cheapo micro servos? Regluing a leg is a lot better than having to replace stripped gears in a servo ;)

The hot glue gun is a tool. Like any tool, it has strengths and weaknesses. It is more appropriate for some circumstances than others. 

'Glue-gun = bad thing' is a bit too broad. I'll keep using mine where it is needed.

Glue guns are awesome for:

  • quick prototyping where you might want to change how things connect later,
  • sticking things together where there are gaps between materials,
  • attaching things that don't have room or appropriate holes for mounting hardware,
  • some final builds, depending on use and the materials involved.

Modified the article...

I modified the article again so it would suit both sides of the argument here. Hope the people of LMR will look at this as a good reference when they are building their own robots.

Regarding the danger...

For many purposes, a low temperature glue gun may do the trick. I have several and use them with kids. Unless I specifically need a higher temperature glue, I always use the low temp ones for reduced ouchies (I've burned myself too).



|__I could not live without my hot glue sticks and the glue heater/dispenser!


|__I would say the same for the other twelve . . . excuse me, thirteeen adhesives in my cabinet - each has pros/cons.




I am missing one particular member here :-)))

I am using hotglue and i stand for it. As already said, for quick prototyping, filling gaps and all sort of other applications, hotglue is a good choice.

However, there are some applications where I would not use it for a better appearance.