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Guidance on controlling motors and image processing


I am building a new robot in which I'm using image processing. I have connected  a camera to laptop and doing image processing through Matlab.

Now, I want to controll motors through my laptop. How I can do this? Mean how I can connect motors to my laptop?
And next thing is that how I can interlink matlab and motor's controll code, so that motors run following the image processing.

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I am giving current to motors through batteries. I just want to send commands to motors.

http://myrobotlab.org/ Is being developed by one of our members. I believe it might make some of what you are trying to do easier. I could be completely and totally wrong. I am just offering the information as something else to consider.

amazing one !! it's like atom in the movie Real Steal !! i hope one day i can do something like that my dream !!