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Hi :) I'm Jp and I'm your new Community Manager!

Hi everyone !

I’m super excited to officially post my first contribution as RobotShop’s Community Manager :)

Let me start by briefly introducing myself : I’m Jp. I’m 25. I’m a Quebec-adopted Frenchman. I’ve been doing Community Management for quite some time now on various scales and various sectors (as a freelance, for non-profits, and worldwide corporations and for topics ranging from indie magazines to video games with millions of users). On the side, I’m also a photographer.

That being said, I’d like to highlight here that I also have a maker side. I can’t count how much Lego and K’nex pieces have been laying around in my bedroom as a kid. I also took technology classes in middle school where I built various projects. Lately my prime interest has been on drones (I happen to run the leading french-speaking website about all things drones on the side). But I think that robotics are here to improve the future of humanity and better serve us in the future. And obviously, I’m eager to learn more about all things robotics :D

I guess that’s a pretty decent sum up of who I am and what I do!

Do not hesitate to ask me anything in the comments below - I’ll try to tackle as many of your questions as possible :)

I’m really thrilled to be here; meet and interact with you all. My goal is to foster the best and biggest robotics community in the world; and I’ll hope you’ll join me in this beautiful endeavor.

Feel free to reach out anytime. Whether it’s for questions, suggestions, projects;... I’ll be happy to help!




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Great to have you aboard.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.

Thanks Jeff :) I know you're a core member here, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with you :) 

Welcome Jp.  It used to be a more raucous community, mostly civil, most of the time...everything in moderation I suppose.

Good luck.  I hope you can make time to build something.  There are a lot of former lego people here.  I am in my forties and still have at least one lego creation in my office at all times.

I hope you enjoy the job.



Hey Martin ! Thanks for the kind words :)

I'll definitely allow some time to build cool stuff and showcase it here. Looking forward to building my army of small robots to keep me company on my desk :D



Congratulations on your new job.  Welcome to LMR.  

Talk about a potentially fun and excellent job!  I wish you the best of luck.

I am a developer but we do a lot with a product called Jive (https://www.jivesoftware.com/) which is a "social platform" for external and internal communities.  There is a lot of info and might be a place you can connect with other community managers around the world through their forums while not necessarily buying their software.  It might be worth a look.

We have a really good group here.  I am sure you will make it better into the future. Perhaps we will meet at a maker faire sometime soon.

Thanks for the kind words @nhbill :) 

It's going to be an amazing job I'm sure. I'm really eager to get to know you all better and work together to shape the best community possible :) And I'll be looking forward to meet you at an event ! 

Thanks for the link, I'll take a look this afternoon ;) 

My manager had me go to a Jive user group in the Boston area.  It was limited value for me in my role as a developer, but it was very interesting to hear all these other community managers talk about what they did and how they worked to gather more engagement from the community.  

There might be a user group in your area or Quebec isn't that far.  Someone also mentioned this website http://thecommunitymanager.com/ in case you haven't seen it.


Hi Jp! Congratulations for being the CM in LMR! I'm happy to have you here as I think we all can do much more in the robotics space, from reviews, to events, videos, contests or just chats. There are many things how we can enjoy robotics. So welcome and Let's Make Robots! ;-)

Kind regards,


Thanks Francisco ! I do think so ! I've a lot planned and I can't wait to get the ball rolling :) 

Dear: JPValery

It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope your experience on LMR is positive like mine has. Need any help with anything or just want to chat feel free to message me. Thanks!!!

From: Noah