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Homemade bracket

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     Hi roboticists! This is one of the new brackets that I've made for the Godo's re-build and as I liked the final result, I've decided to share with you.

     Well... to begin, let's go to the list of materials and necessary tools.


  • 2mm Polystyrene sheets (or other plastic of your preference);
  • A4 paper;
  • Instant adhesive (I've used Loctite Super Bonder);
  • Masking tape;
  • Sandpaper.


  • Scissors;
  • Sharp blade;
  • Steel ruler;
  • Iron;
  • Drill.


     Let's go to work!


     Initially, we print the template available for download above in a laser print. According to their need to use, you must print it in mirror.

     Cut small parts of the template one by one, and also polystyrene sheet parts in equivalent size.


     Glue the small piece of paper with the printed side in contact with polystyrene. 


     This is the time of the iron goes into action. As the laser printer ink is composed of tiny particles of plastic, the ink detaches and sticks with the heating back on the polystyrene. The temperature should not be too high. Start with low temperature and then increase, if necessary.


     Pass sometimes a side to side. Take a look if the ink has adhered to the polystyrene. If it's already stuck a small part that forms the desired design, that's good.


     Now, is the time to cut and make holes.

     With the assistance of the steel ruler, cut with the sharp blade which indicate the lines. With a slight cut is already possible to break easily. Rounded parts can be easily cuted with the scissors.


     Then we make holes where indicated. Initially with a 1mm drill bit to mark and then drill with the desired final measure.



     With all the parts cuted and holed, it's time to join them all with the instant adhesive.


     After everything is together, give finishing with sandpaper.

     And is finalized your homemade servo bracket!




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have a beautiful mind. :) I am impressed. Nice work.

Thanks, man. I've really dedicate some "affection" to this work.

does that instant adhesive make this design strong enough?its a great work btw :)

Ya, as it's two surfaces of the same material, the adherence is more strong than I need, according to the mechanical strength tests that I've performed.

nice idea! I have just think about how to deal with my new servor~

Keep the good work up!!!

Another method I use is to just glue the printed template on the material with water solvent glue. Then you just cut and drill through it before sticking it in to some soapy water and wash the paper off. Then you get a part without any markings.


thats also a god idea :)

Yes, I've used this another method too, in Godo's first build. But in the toner transfer method I've got more precision in the cuts. I intend to give to the brackets some color later, that will eliminate the markings.

I've always wondered whether a servo bracket could be made without special tools and material. I really appreciate this tip. Very well done.