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Homemade Controller and Surveillance Veichle

Rc robot for surveillance

Hello All Robot Lovers

My name is The Robotic Human and i am from Australia.I am now 15 and i have had a huge passion for electronics and robotics from a very young age. At school i have tried to excel myself to one-day become a robotic engineer or similar.Robot

This robot is a four-wheel drive all terrain robot hopefully capable for rocky terrain and carry out surveillance missions. This robot will have a pan and tilt system with a inferred camera . Also the bot will have a microphone with a high gain pre-amp so it can pick up a whisper. This robot will also have equipped, 5 bright leds to act like a search light and leds for looks and show. this robot will be transmitting on 2.4ghz and the camera also on 2.4ghz. now onto the controller. Controller and Robot with tape

I built this controller last year and have just recently been adding parts to it. the controller is a 6 channel remote capable of transmitting over 2 kilometers but i doubt i will go that far. a screen is positioned on the top of the remote and receives live video from the robots pan-tilt system. This can also travel 1 kilometer. the controller runs on a lipo battery and has a sound card so i can hear what the bot hears. I used a wireless wii-nunchuck and took it apart, wired it up, and ran that back to the controller. now i was able to use the wii nunchuck to pan and tilt the camera.

like i said this robot is NOT finished yet but i will keep yous posted. This robot is a huge milestone for me and i hope you like my creation.

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no sorry i havent got any under construction pics but i will be posting them in the upcoming week. the robot uses some brushed dc motors 320RPM and i am going to use two brushed speed controllers to have tank like control. yes they are Rc tyres that i got from hobbyking and i just machined an adaptor so the wheel would be able to sit on the 3mm shaft of the motor. 

The Robotic Human