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How to: Arduino Voice / Speech Recognition with Geeetech Module [Tutorial]

Talk with Arduino via Speech / Voice Recognition Module
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How to: Arduino Voice / Speech Recognition 

with Geeetech Module [Tutorial]. 

This video will show you how to talk with your Arduino with the (cheap) Geeetech voice control module. You can then use the code to control a motor or make voice controlled lights.  There are a few videos that demonstrate the same thing, however they use a windows machine with Accessport, here I have used CoolTerm on a Mac to send Hex commands to the TTL module. 

Code and parts links can be found here: 


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techset on youtube!

it was not reconizing the module being conected to my computer and yes the module is conected to the serial conector corectly

says error, com not connected or hasnt been used before?? help, is there a driver i have to download im pretty sure i downloaded

on acsess port serial moniter software all seting are right. and in the moniter tab it doesnt have a port tab.help!

techset on youtube!

when i did it it didnt really work it said send to pecific port or port not on or never used before and it wont let me code it help do you have to download driver or something its an old windows computers but not to old like in 2000s. any ideas can you send me every single small steps you did to get it to work even the ones that dont seem to matter. or send what picific thing you think might be wrong. 

thnx i appreciate it!

If you are using accessport follow this instructable here: 


He's got a nice image on one of the steps that highlights the settings you need. 

Also, try watching this video here: 



it's a bit more expensive but very high quality. I got to play with one locally and it was able to pick up a lot of complicated speech. http://www.audeme.com/movi.html