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How to make motorcontrollers/pcb's survive abuse

make motorcontrollers/pcb's survive abuse

Did you know you can solder solid core wire on motorcontrollers and pcb's to make them survive abuse in extreme conditions.

Think about it, pcb traces are thin and when abused tend to burn open. If your running a battlebot for example this means instant robot death.

You take some time and parallel a solid copper wire soldered on the high current side of that pcb board and it'll take MUCH more abuse to kill it than without. Granted the main con to doing this is when it does fail, it will fail catastrophically. But in most cases it will keep your robot alive to the next round.

This works on other types of boards as well. A friend of mine for example does this mod on cheap foreign made bread boards. The plastic will melt before the trace opens.


Summary -


Takes more current to fry

More copper = more heatsink effect

More solder = stronger, less chance of vibration damage



When it does fail, it will be catastrophic



Hope this tip helps someone!