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How to make wireless Wii sensor bar

You can play wii with it

Your wii sensor bar's wires are too short?
It takes too much room?

No problem! You can make wireless wii sensor bar instead thinking!

So what you need:

Battery holder for one AA-battery
Slide switch
Some wire

So carefully now, left side is positive and right negative.
Tape the led on top of the battery holder.
Connect positive power to led's anode.
Now tape the switch to back of the battery holder.
Connect the left pin of the switch to led's cathode.
Then you connect negative power to middle pin of the switch.
Then check with your camera that it works.

And it's ready!

Whole thing mounted to top of my tv.


Thanks from your attention! 

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this is awesome!


what is IR-led?

it is LED diode?

plz reply me 

Infra Red - Light Emitting Diode

So that bar is just a fix point for the controller to focus on? The controller is what sends the signal back to the wii, not the controller to the bat then to the wii?.

Doesn't the Wii require two IR-LEDs?


I would think so. Here's an article that explains what the sensor bar really does, and some ways to replace it.

One thing in the article is that not every Wii game uses the sensor bar. Some rely solely on the accelerometer.