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Humanoid Robot

Walk, attack, rotate

This would be the most advanced robot I have ever done. It's a humanoid robot based on the arduino mega 2560. I created several functions like the attack mode which enables the IR sensor; and once you get close enough to it the robot will strike back. The second mode offers to robot the ability to rotate depending on its position (distance reading through IR) .The default mode is the one which accepts data from the pc through serial communication.

GUI -----(writes a value to a txt file)---->Processing(reads every 10sec the value written) ---(sends command) -----> Arduino

I hope the text schema above is explicit enough :) .

I'm currently developing a MUCH better UI in Visual C++ which will replace the html/php one.

I first attempted to use only continous rotation servos but they seemed not to be precise enough so I switched to some standard servos (futaba s3003 servos ). I'm also thinking of getting the XBee shield for remote control. IMO, it would offer the robot a much higher ability to move around; the usb cable used is not 'flexible' 'nuff.

I used plexiglass for the body frame and some aluminum bits (got them from my broken pc power source) for the ankles and arms.

I'm absolutely open to new ideas and I'd like to hear some opinions!

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This is some nice stuff!!! We want a video!



nice one , but you should increase its speed because its too slow , ...but anyway its nice ...keep going

Nice job, wish I had it in me to build something with so many moving parts.