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I need YOUR ideas!! Please!

Helloooo all!!!

I wasn't sure where I should post this, but this seemed an ok place......


So I've recently been informed that this summer, as part of my research project, I need to do one of three things--

1) Design, build, and engineer a new robot that has never been created before that would somehow be helpful to the world (either on a small or large scale--it really doesn't matter though)

2) Take a robot that is (somewhat) widely used and build onto it to make it better

3) Take a current (somewhat) well known robot and apply it to something it has never been used for before

I need your ideas and suggestions for robots you think should be built!!  All suggestions are greatly appreciated!! To get into the details of why I'm doing this, I'll explain below--

This will be for my Authentic Science Research project (for the Intel Talent Search) which I will need to write an paper on and submit next fall. My mentor told me two days ago that she wants me to come up with a research idea that I'd be able to complete. But I need your help! I'm a little low on brain juice, so I need inspiration and ideas from you all!! Every idea is helpful!!!

If this plan actually works out and I do one of the above 3 things from now until the fall, I will happily put your name in my acknowledgments section of my research paper, and (if I build a new robot) I will some how get your name printed somewhere visible on the bot. I know the reward is not that intriguing, but its something!

Thank you all so much and I hope to hear from you soon!!!



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In contrario of other comments, I will suggest a robot, without criticism your demand, you need help, I can, I do.

You can design, build and engineering a robot that can follow you in the store and carry your shopping unstead a pushing the stupid caddy inside and outside !


your idea has already been done. I was hoping to provide a link to the one I have seen.

Not the one I was thinking of, but, will work. http://hackaday.com/2011/06/03/kinect-driven-cart-makes-shopping-a-snap/

I have seen one that utilized ultrasonics. Kind of like what Ben Heck did w/ a following suit case.

ok, it this case, you can take the idea and ameliorate

Also, mine will be placed in doctor's offices, not ERs.  So it runs tasks to get patients data and saves it into a directory.  

I'm someone who likes to brainstorm with a group for ideas, so here are a few to consider. I'm only suggesting broad topic areas. As you process the ideas suggested on this page, perhaps provide some feedback on what direction you want to go and pitch back a refined idea for comment.


Socialization of Robots: Design a robot that interacts with humans in a new way; either to help with human acceptance of increasing presence of robots in their lives or to focus on the development of new behaviors or functions for social robots.

Existing examples:

  • Keepon was developed to work with children with autistism and other related conditions.
  • The Paro robotic baby seal was used as a therapeutic in seniors centers in the wake of the Fukushima disaster to help them feel comforted.
  • Social roboticist Heather Knight uses a Nao robot who does stand up comedy.
  • Boxie the robot was developed by MIT Media Lab to see how people would react to a cute robot asking for their help.


Domestic Chore Robot: Design a robot that performs a common household chore.

Existing examples:

  • Swimming pool vacuums
  • Roomba and other floor cleaning robots
  • Robotic lawn mowers


Explorer Robot: Design a robot to explore an area not currently using robotics, or that provides some new sense/data for existing explorer robots. (e.g., a robot to capture data in burning buildings to improve fire fighting or building techniques)

Existing examples:

  • Mars rovers
  • Underwater ROVs


Industrial/Military/Service Robots: Design a robot that performs a difficult, repetative or dangerous task for an industrial, military or service environment. (e.g., a robot to inspect the inside of wind turbine blades for stress fractures)

Existing examples:

  • Bomb disposal robots used by the military and police
  • Robotic assebly or pick-and-place robots
  • Tunnel exploring robots

Good luck with your project. Please keep us updated.

Thanks for the ideas!!!  As I progress in my research, I'll keep you all updated.  I've obtained an idea to make a robotic doctors assistant that does all of the preparation of a patient that a doctor normally would do before examining a patient.  would save the doctor a lot of time.  The robot would take the weight, hieght, heart rate, blood pressure, etc of the patient, then on a little screen would ask them a few questions like "is there anything that is currently concerning you?" as would a doctor ask.  it would also take the patients finger print and save it all in a file.  How does that sound?

Medical assistant sounds like a good area to explore. You should definitely research carefully and come up with something that is unique. This will be a challenging project. You could put in a lot of work just to have your project be judged as not "new" enough. So do your homework for sure.

Here's one RoboDoc that an LMR member created to measure heartrate. It sounds like your project would be much more comprehensive, taking multiple measurements and interfacing into an information system for data storage. 

Don't ignore the social aspect of this project. You are dealing with a person in a doctor's office. Your robot must not be intimidating or off-putting in any way. 

Good luck.