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Instructables Arduino Challenge

Found this on the instructables website...again for US citizens only :-( but I wish you good luck guys.


There are many projects on LMR which could win the prize....so please make it so ;-)

Win for us and grab the 1st prize...

@ALL: Please vote for our guys ;-)

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I'm entering my robot! I'll tell y'all when it gets approved to enter the contest.

Good luck!!! 


No Swiss Arduino robot accepted. I skip this challenge.

This is way out of my league..er..country. Well, best of luck to all LMRians who participate! :)

TurtleDuino it's been accepted in the instructables.com Arduino contest. Don't forget to vote for the little guy.


Hi guy's, Instructables accepted my modular 3D frame printed Bluetooth controlled biped I call "MegaPed":  http://www.instructables.com/id/MegaPed/ 

Hey guys, tomorrow is the last day to vote at the www.instructables.com Arduino contest.

I voted for all of you that submitted your projects to the instrutables challenge, GOOD LUCK and let's bring it to LMR.