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Introductory course: Begin Robotics

Explore the history, anatomy and intelligence of robots with this free online course. Test drive robots using exciting simulations

Hi folks! Today has started a new robotics course, this time from University of Reading.

Even it's an introductory course, it promise to deliver good foundations and some advanced topics.

As they say: "This course explores the basics of robotics. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge and you don’t need to own your own robot to take part.

We’re not planning to sit you down with a soldering iron, but we will introduce you to the basics of robot design through a series of simulations that will have you test driving an Eric – our very own University of Reading mobile robot.

This course will focus on mobile robots, approached from a cybernetic perspective.

Various aspects include:

  • The physical robot - the mechanics, electronics and computer
  • Its sensors which allow it to perceive its surroundings
  • Its behaviour: how its movement is specified in terms of what it perceives – is this determined by humans – or can the robot learn?
  • Its means of movement and is the desired movement achieved?
  • How it interacts with other robots or humans

But what is a robot? Find out more in next chapters."

From my side, I'm planning to put in practice in some of my future robots what I'll learn. They will be Arduino, Tiva C and/or Raspberry Pi ones. Let's see ;-)

So if you are intrigued, as I was, you can check here this "Begin Robotics" course. We'll also discuss in Twitter as other topics. See you around!