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Is my new robot a patent infringement?

I am new to LMR and have posted a couple of projects. I just finished a new robot based on John W Jamesons Walking Gryo, which he patented in 1981 and sold rights to some company. Mine is based on his idea of using a gyroscope (flywheel) precession to generate foward robot motion. I just finished my video and draft of my crude working version of his idea and realized it is infringement. So, it would not be wise to post my draft, right?

I will carefully consider all responses.


I am posting a video if you are interested in seeing it work.

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It looks like an awesome project!

I agree with OB, but in the US patents only last 7 years. Everyone has to watch this video now:



I should have looked up patents, for some reason I thought they lasted much longer.


I am assuming that the 7 years was a typo. US patents last either 17 or 20 years from the time of application. I know this is an old thread, but it's important.

First I would like to say thank you all for responding so decently. I am a member of several other forums (other websites) where a noobie is often handed his pride in pieces in a handbasket when asking questions.

A little more information on the patent author Mr. Jameson (who I have nothing but respect for):

His cv is available on LinkedIn and is pretty impressive. The Walking Gyro was his first patent and he has many more but his final gig is as an expert witness in a patent infringement case (that got my attention). Anyway his Gyro is such an interesting little gizmo that I feel it would interest others to know about it.

Thanks for the video on the combat Gyrobot - that was cool and very gyroscopic.

Yes, my interest is purely educational.


Ok, I guess this is a non-issue as I wasn't educated on patent expirations. Live and learn. Thanks for you inputs.