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iTake me apart

I always wanted to make a fast driving robot that should seek out ramps. It should drive over them, and fly into the air..

.. and while in the middle of space it should completely disintegrate, and land in pieces.

Then, each piece should be connected to another with little strings. And the robot should pull itself together again, and drive on till it found hte next ramp, and jumped, exploded, landed in bits..


BUT.. that would be too hard.

This challenge is easier, but it is in fact still pretty hard to master.

It was inspired by Jip's robot that took itself apart, and  ezekiel181' s comment on that

The challenge goes:


Make a robot that takes itself apart!

"Apart" menas "Completely seperated, not touching each other any longer"

Points are rewardes like this:


"Loss of passive parts"

1 point for taking / losing one piece of any kind. A piece that has no other function. This would be like a hat taken off.

0 Extra points for losing more parts that had no prvious function


"Loss of active parts"

2 points for losing one part that first had a function, but now is seperated from the robot. This could be like a wheel.

0 Extra points for losing more than one.


"Loss of self-propelled parts"

3 points for every part lost that A) is containing an actuator (ex a motor or servo) and B) Has shown that this part was moving before.

5 extra points for losing the second and third (lose 2 self propelled parts = 8 points, lose 3 and get 13, lose 4, still only 13 points)


"Slash through the guts"!

13 points: For the ability to have one robot that is navigating and driving, that is then seperating the driving part from the part that was driving it (What would be like taking the upper part from a person and seperate it from crutch and down) - the upper part must still be able to move something, it should just completely lose it's "legs", wheels & motors, so it is only like "an arm and a head" that is left.. For this ability is rewarded no less than 13 points!


"Triple up on all of the above"

After complete seperation, there is double up if parts are put back on. And tripple up for parts that are taken off, but back on, and then off again! (But no points for the 4th time :)

PS: No human involvment, "Put back on" means that the robot.. erh robots?! ..parts.. put themselves together again. So taking off hat, putting it on ground, taking it back on, and putting it back to ground gives 3 points, where just losing it gives one point.


"Loss of life"

1 point for the ability to "visible and mechanically" take the power from itself


All point-giving actions can be combined, unless it is against the individual rules. So if "losing an active part" also causes "loss of life", it is rewarded 3 points. However, if "slash through the guts" is also causing "loss of life", it is conflicting with the rules for "slash through guts" ("the upper part must still be able to move something"), and so this is only rewarded 1 point, not 14 :)



PS: This is actually a very hard challenge! I am not expecting any one to make more than max 3 points!

PPS: Magnets can lead power!

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How about extra points if the robot puts itself back together again?
True, I will edit!
I am reminded of this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIn-sMq8-Ls - watch til the end ;-)
This is an awesome challenge but it will be quite hard. I hope the deadline isn`t any time soon.

Don't know why, but sounds like a challenge for Gareth...

And i agree, entries will be interesting to watch!

I strapped like 6 rockets to a mr basic and lit them off, and the basic hit a wall and exploded into a kermillion bits, how much points would I get?
Basic would be entered in basic challenge, bananas's rocket challenge, and here if it could get substantial points. Also, payday is tomorrow...

Fritsl is the robot considered disasembled if some of the wires are still connected to the peice that has broken off?