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KafshaBot with Arduino Mega2560



This Robot is based on home-made Aluminium chassis. The size is 40cm x 30cm x 4cm.

This Robot has the following:

Seq Item QTY Price
1 75:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx54L mm HP with 48 CPR Encoder 2 $37.00
2 Pololu Wheel 90x10mm Pair - Yellow 2 $10.00
3 Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 6mm Shaft Pair, 4-40 Holes 1 $8.00
4 IR Sharp sensors 2 $16.00
5 9 Degrees of Freedom - Sensor Stick 1 $90.00
6 APC220 Radio Communication Module 1 $54.00
7 Arduino Mega2560  1 $56.00
8 Arduino Mega Sensor Shield 1 $13.00
9 12V 4Ah SLA Battery 1 $8.00
10 Dual H bridge Motor controller up to 30A for each channel 1 $40.00
  Total   $332.00


In this phase, the controll is done in the PC (Laptop) using GUI running in Matalb. this software controlls the speed and direction of movement. Also readings of the Different sensors and battery level are transmitted through the wireless to Matalb.


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Wow, looks like a big driving cutter board ;-) Anyway, what do you want to achieve? 700 US$ for that what you showed off here? what a price...maybe you put a zero (null or 0) to much on it?

Please more pictures and more info about the progress/building.

ok I uploaded more pictures. I hope to be more clear.

actually the total price till this point is around 400$. However, more sensors will be added in the next step to enable SLAM Algorithm to work properly.( for example Microsoft Kinect which is around 100$).


more info and code please