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Large robot rover

Drive 4wd robot via wifi and html5

It is about 50x50cm with 20cm wheels and uses PiBorg Diable DC motor controller.
It has the same control system as the Small Rover but it do not use the internal DC motor controller.

More info see: steelsquid.org

  • Steelsquid Kiss OS
  • Control card: Raspberry Pi with PIIO Board
  • Control it on a HTML5 webpage via WIFI.
  • It has 4 Gimsonrobotics DC motors controlled by PiBorg Diable DC motor controller. 
  • A Raspberry Pi camera mounted on a servo to tilt up and down.
  • The servo is connected to servo port 1 on the PIIO board (use that to tilt the camera).
  • And also 2 small LED light that i drive with the adjustable step down regulator and POWER output on the PIIO board.
  • Drag on the right side of the screen with your mouse or your finger to control the movement.
  • And drag up and down on the left side to tilt the camera.
  • Double tap on the screen to toggle the light.

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Dear: SteelSquid

What motors are you using? You said you are using servo motors but do you mean windshield wiper motors because those are the only servo motors I can think of powerful enough to drive that robot. Thank you.

From: Noah

Will write and explain a little more about my projects later, I was very brief :-) 

The servo motor i use to tilt the camera.

The four motor i use for drive is this one: 



Thank you I will do some more checking of that website. I might buy some motors from them. Thank you.

There are so many aspects of this build that I love; the OS just becomes more and more brilliant with every project I see using it.

The rover itself is an absolute beast - I'd love to see a tracked one!

I maybe try to make it tracked, best would be if there are any that fit my tires in some way.

When I drove it this summer a had no problems at all, but now it snow will get stuck pretty easy, tracks ought to solve it i hope...


I look forward to seeing a tracked one :-)

Check out these guys - https://hackaday.io/project/6106-modular-continuous-track-system

They have made a modular track that could work with your chassis really well.

Congratulations!  This project is awesome! Where did you buy the wheels?