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Learning Electronics Via The J5 Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Hello to the LMR community. This first blog post is basically just an introduction for me and what I am about.


I'm a brand new student to the world of electronics and I am entering this new field to both further my education and to build the foundation for a career change down the road into the realm of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (lets just refer to that as 'CSEE' from now on). I have a background in Web Design & Development as well as Graphic Design and E-Commerce, but I want, or need, to change paths. I have great interest in robotics, drones, and UAV's as well as in A.I. & machine learning.


As a youth I didn't have a strong interest in the math and sciences which is why I gravitated to art school and went down that path, but I am taking on the Obstacle Avoidance Robot project as not only a robot but which what I hope to be an "Educational Learning Platform" for me in CSEE. The robot will be a tool for me to not only learn more about electronics and programming, but to further my education in mathematics, physics, and engineering.


Over the past few months (since New Years Eve actually), I have been researching and planning not only my educational goals via free online college courses, but my robot project which I have affectionately nicknamed J5 in honor of a movie I loved as a small child (Short Circuit). I have been acquiring parts and components and before I try to assemble the J5 robot I am currently learning how each part works by itself.


As a side note to end this first blog post on LMR, I would like to highly recommend to everyone interested in learning CS to look into a free online course offered by Harvard called CS50x. It's a great introduction to the world of Computer Science.