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Lets Make LMR Great Again!

LMRainains stand up and be proud of being part of Lets Make Robots. We would love to hear from you and tell us about who you are and what topics interest you. I encourage you all to join in on the Shout Box and once again make LMR great. We look forward to making LMR united and having a great social experience and peaceful conversations. It was a few who caused many issues at LMR and now it is us that need to stand up and make it great again.

I forgot that a couple years ago I had put together a stop motion animation using screws, nuts, wire, tools and some other misc stuff that would spell out LMR. I think that this video belongs with this posting.

Here is a link to the video.

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So some of you might know me, I've been here around for 2 years, and I've enjoied reading what others build and to talk to others via the ShoutBox (That box at the right side. You should try it !). I think with great communities like this one it is not only great to speak about other's projects at the robot's page but i found the best to be to talk to others directly, ask what projects they currently work on or help out each other. Small questions can be answered and you can give advise or work together.

So I haven't been around for a while now because everytime I came there was nobody online to talk with, so the robots and projects here are great but this place feels so empty now.

So please write things to the shoutbox, say hello to others ask them what they're doing or what they're planning and get new friends !

Because the community makes LMR great again!


So now to me, I'm interested in artificial-neural-nets as they are very powerful and simply interesting. But I also like robots and electronics, especially combining hardware and software to take control of you robot ! So if you're planning to build a robot that is controlled by an ANN be sure to tell me !


So lets make LMR great again !


Just kidding but it sounds to me like that "Make LMR great again!" the first time I read the post, and well, it's nice to see I'm not the only one who wants to see even more and more participation in LMR. However as someone said once: if you want to be with interesting people, be interesting first.

So if we want more participation we need to participate more in different ways and I see you JeffRo are doing a great job, others are also less shy and start to participate more. Anyway, I think we'll see more participation and new good things comming to LMR... you'll see it ;-)


Franciscodr we are both in the same boat I have many items I want to create posts on that can help others.

I think that if we all work together on this as a group and create a plan we will not fail.

I am always reminded of baby steps, if you take off more than you can chew you will fail but if you take a small bite at a time you will always come out ahead. I look forward to seeing any and all ideas and then I think we as a group need to give our opionions and create a plan.

Belive it our not placing some adds on CraigsList can help from a local level but the word can spread quickly. Maybe even contacting our local Maker shops and letting them know. There are many ways to accomplish bringing in more users.


Hi Everyone and thank you JeffRo for starting this post and wanting the best for LMR. Thank you also to other users that have been commenting.

We are thinking about opening up the shout box early next week and making it visible to users without being logged in. Users will still need to login in order to participte in the shout box but, unlogged users would be able to see what is going on and want to join in to our conversations.

We are looking forward to your comments and opinions about this.

Joining in to Make LMR Great Again.



Hi Julie,

Maybe letting see the Shout Box can be plus for guest to register and participate! At least we can try it ;-)


I have mixed feeling on opening the Shout Box up to let everyone and anyone to see it.

On one side I have the feeling that the Shout Box is a Prize in a way that needs to be earned by becoming a member.

On the other side I can see where it might draw more users in.

I will need to give this one more thought and map out some pro and cons.

I am just not sure if you want to display our conversations to all the world to see that is not a member.


Thanks for your comments. We will start by adding a message under the login box to indicate that users can register and login to chat with other members. We'll see if this helps in having users register and shout instead of visiting as guests only.

That's all so true... 

I do have a mini hexapod to finish, it's been years since I started. 

The SB worked best when it was a low tech chit-chat about projects with referrals to forum entries for details. Allowing anyone to view seems ok but I would suggest a 2 week waiting period before giving write privileges. Perhaps you could add a button to the SB menu that a new user could push indicating that they would like to join the conversation and if a vetted member is online they could push to allow temporary access.

I see a lot of projects posted that have just the initial entry. No comments by others or follow ups by the poster.

"No comments by others" especially this fact hits lot of the new members in my opinion. They're keen on share their builds or ideas and then nothing happens. Not even well done or keep going. Sometimes a litle attention or a simple question to the post would inspire the poster further more and let his heart beat stronger for LMR.