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Let's Make Robots - Arduino Day 2016 London - Workshop for kids

Do you want to make a robot? Are you in London the 2th of April?

If you are between 8 to 15 years old* now you can during the Arduino Day 2016 at London City. Come with us and enjoy mounting and programming our robots, it’s easy!

*See below if you are older.

What we will do?

  1. Short presentation on robotics we’ll do.

  2. Opening robot box.

  3. Mounting the robot.

  4. Programming the robot.

  5. Robotic games.

What is the robot we will use?

It’s mBot robot: a funny, easy, educational robot designed for kids to learn robotics, from assembling them to programming. See more below.


How much time it lasts?

It will a two hours workshop form 14:30h to 16:30h.

What is the cost of this workshop?

This workshop is only 6 pounds (please bring exact cash only).

What is the age of the kids to attend the workshop?

It is designed for kids from age 8 – 15.

Do kids need any prior experience in technology?

Kids do not need to have prior experience before in robotics or programming.

What do you need to bring?

A laptop with a USB port, and Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.7 or later version installed. Please ensure the participant have "administrative rights" so we can install the mBlock software and drivers (if not already).

See all the specs and software here: http://www.mblock.cc/download/

How many kids will be in the workshop?

There will be a maximum of 10 kids, working by pairs with one robot each pair of kids.

Do the kids need to be accompanied by an adult?

Adults are welcome to observe during the workshop.

As it is a public event, it is allowed to take pictures and post them. If you don't like it, please let us know upon arrival.

What if I want a mBot finally for my kid?

We'll have limited coupons for attendees to purchase in the online RobotShop shop that is sponsoring this workshop together with MakeBlock. So you can get this same robot kit at a better price from a secure source, and very fast. See it here: https://www.robotshop.com/uk/makeblock-mbot-blue-educational-programmable-robot-bluetooth-version.html

What is this robot doing? Can I upgrade it? Where is more information about it?

You can see that information and more in the mBot link from RobotShop here: https://www.robotshop.com/uk/makeblock-mbot-blue-educational-programmable-robot-bluetooth-version.html


Can I participate in the workshop even if I’m not a kid?

If there are not enough kids, you can register and participate the same day in our booth in the Arduino Day event. Just come and ask!

How much it cost?

We have done an extra effort to make this workshop as accessible as possible. The cost is only 7.25 pounds (please bring exact cash only) to cover our transport and some disposable components.

Where can I register?
Register here for this workshop.


Please note: in order to share the event people can record videos and take pictures.

Parents and relatives are invited to stay and even to participate under same rules and above.