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Line follower on steroids

Japanese guy made a line following race car. I think theres some kind of race competition.

Checking through his blog hes got a nice machine shop at his disposal too :( Lucky bugger.

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damn, thats fast, almost looks like one of those scalectrix (or whatever they are called) tracks. the speed that handles the corners of the tracks, finds line after it looses it, nuts. although it seems to be more than just a line follower, with those walls to aid navigation through other sensors.

i still cant get over how fast it is.

do you have the link to his blog? 

I thought the walls might have been there to stop it flying off in case of a hiccup.

Heres the blog http://blog.goo.ne.jp/trd2005/m/200809

Looks like he might be studying robotics or something. Id love to do something like that

Very impressive!

Special "signs" on the track:

Slow down, hard turn coming up:


Slow down, and when losing line, look left:


Slow down, and when losing line, look right:


So, it's a barcode reader on steroids :)