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LMR Logo Robot Challenge - Finished!


First place and congratulations to Kelpy with his  LMR Bot Clone (ish):


A close second place goes to RobotFreak's original LMR Logo bot:



and third is awarded to C1RM's LMRBot V2.1:



I will contact you all shortly for shipping addresses.


Big time thanks to Glen from BahBots, Nick from GadgetGangster, and Gabriel from Ro-Bot-X Designs for their generously supporting the challenge with great prizes!



You are all very talented people!






The Rules 

Who: You!!! Or any member of the Let's Make Robots! community. Votes can be submitted by anyone registered at LMR. One vote per user.

What: A robot designed around the visual appearance of the robot cartoon in the LMR logo.

When: From now until the end of March 15, 2011 (my birthday!). Votes will be taken for one week after the 15th before winners are announced.

Where: Make it where you feel comfortable. Post your creation here.

Why: To promote robots that remind us of our favorite site, and to encourage arty bots as a whole.

How: Any way you see fit. Any size you see fit. Do whatever you feel is appropriate for a real-life LMR logo robot. Please tag your entries with "LMR Bot."


Nick at GadgetGangster.com has donated a powerful USB Propellor Platform and a Gadget Gangster T-shirt!


* 80Mhz 8-Core Parallax Propeller with removable 5MHz crystal
* 64kb EEPROM for long-term program and data storage
* 5V and 3.3V 1.5A Voltage Regulators accept 5.5v min. power input
* Comes with a 2.1mm barrel power jack connector and screw terminal connector
* 2.8" x 2.5" footprint with pin sockets to add additional Platform modules or connect to a breadboard.

The Propeller Platform USB is designed and assembled in California.


Please see the review of this board by our own Chris the Carpenter HERE.


Official Gadget Ganget T-shirt available in the usual sizes!


Glen has contributed one of his fine, super-flexible BahBots controllers! 



  • ATMega1284P-20 MCU
  • 128K Programmable Flash
  • 16K RAM
  • 4K EEProm
  • 2 8-bit and 2 16-bit Timers
  • 6 PWM Channels
  • 8 ADC Channels
  • 18.432 MHz
  • Dual hardware UARTs
  • On-board microSD card slot
  • xBee headers for wireless serial communications
  • All ports brought out to 2×5 headers with power and ground
  • Standard size, compatible with PB10 and PB20 prototyping boards and mounts to Tamiya construction plates
  • Optional battery monitoring circuitry, selectable power for secondary headers
  • LDO 5v regulator rated at 1A (500mA without heat sink)
  • Preloaded Bascom Boot Loader

Please see a review of this board by our own Chris the Carpenter HERE.  


Gabriel of Ro-Bot-X Designs offers one of his new uBotino V2 Kits with USB-to-serial cable as well! 


The uBotino allows a robot builder to easily build a small robot that uses 2 small geared DC motors for driving, directly plug in 6 analog sensors, 5 digital sensors, 5 servos. It has an on board LDO voltage regulator, power switch, reset button, power LED, Arduino pin D13 LED, 16 MHz crystal, ISP programmer connector and FTDI cable connector. The ATmega328 microcontroller has Arduino bootloader installed. The board features 3 jumpers, one to select power for the servo pins (in case you want to use sensors and no servos), one to disable the D13 LED (in case you need to connect a servo to that pin) and another jumper to disable power to the motors (so they don’t move when programming). The 5cm x 5cm size of the board and Arduino software compatibility makes this board a perfect candidate for small robots.


See the uBotino board in episode #012 of the LMR Live Show HERE.



Jack (your humble narrator)  throws in four items out of his grab bag of goodies. It hasn't been updated in awhile but there is more than the list on the link shows. I'll update it soon.

I swear to The Maker, I'll get to it soon! -ed

Prizes will be awarded by "winner's choice" for the robots with the top three vote totals (first place picks first, second place picks second, third picks third).

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I've drawn up plans about a week ago, and am just sourcing materials to do just that!!!

Nice model by the way.

That's what exactly I am gonna do in mind. Same track as well, 2nd choice would be DFrobot track but this one is easier to pain on it in yellow. Brain part should be easy to find in party store or holloween stuff.


Challenge ends: 
2010-03-15 03 <----------?????

If I had an easter egg I'd give it to you.

sorry, double post

Great idea, to make a challenge from one of my robots. Hope to see some better results than my attempt. Good luck.

Going out now, but will post it as a new robot project, with full description, later today.

Not that pleased with it, but it is similar :)

Awsome competition! :D

And with sponsored prizes!! Cool :D


I am interested, but I would not do a cookie cutter imitation. As long as it is really obvious that it is derived from the logo bot, are other forms of locomotion acceptable (in other words, it could be a hovercraft, boat, possibly air borne though that would be hard to do with a strong enough nod to the original design) ?

I think voting could take into account whether or not the tie in was obvious enough so I don't think there need to be specific rules unless there is one saying it has to be a box with treads.

I will not stand for rigid thinking. I have a rule for such nonsense already included...



How: Any way you see fit. Any size you see fit. Do whatever you feel is appropriate for a real-life LMR logo robot.



Thinking inside boxes is for computers. And we're all just having fun here, no? Granted, it is a competition of sorts, but the judging is very subjective as it is determined by the community's opinions. Dazzle us with a mag-lev LMR Logo Bot! I dare ya!!!

Maybe let 1st have 1st pick at what they want and so on down the line??