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Information on the Picaxe 28 project board
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I was working on my LMR robot and I made this Picaxe 28 information picture for my upcoming robot article. I modified this picture to show the ports and mine has my project information in it. My board is what you can do with this project board.

I modified my Picaxe 28 project board a lot. First I upgrade to a Picaxe 28 x2 processor. You get more speed and the ability to change input to outputs. You get many other things too. I added a ground row to the inputs by using epoxy to glue on a new header. Try not to get glue into the pins on top of the board. I use a female header to align things. I also added all of the other male headers.

For the 293 motor chip I bent out the enable pins and then put it in the socket. I soldered wire wrap wires to the pins. I used a 470 resistor inline and a 10K to V2 and then to a port. I can’t use a 293 motor chip without control of the enables. The Picaxe has many restrictions on which ports can run PWM and how it is setup and used.

For power you can use just one 6 volt power supply for this project board. The easy way to do this is to solder a wire across V1 & V2 on the bottom of the board. The power header is Ground, V1 & V2.

To swap connectors in the analogue cable and other cables use my Connector Magic article.

To drive servos accurately from most ports use my Servo Math article and software. You can run a lot of servos with few restrictions like memory, port type and functions.

This crazy project board is made this way because like Parralx.com they have project boards to show off their stuff. Picaxe boards connect with this 28 project board by a two row ribbon cable. See the Picaxe 28 project board PDF. This makes this 28 project board the most difficult one I have ever seen.

I get busy when I have a new article in the works. Please tell me if you see any errors and I will fix them and put up a new copy. I keep all of my project pictures in Corel native format and a JPG for quick viewing.


I love all of the creativity on your site

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It was an E-mail to LMR. You can't attach a picture to the message. That is why I made it an article.