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LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

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 Saotomes SQ01 was featured on Make:


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Lol, my robot (and my bedsheet) were featured in a huge number of sites :)


do i win the "most featured LMR robot" title ? :P

EEEH! Wrong entry! :p

Entries in the book must be direct links! No Google-searches allowed!

Nonono.. This book should contain links to pages, and IMHO it should be the more prominent ones to make it fun. When some random forum talks about a robot from in here, I do not think it is worth mentioning much. It is when some major site is showcasing us!




Fritsl's Yellow Drum Machine was featured on Make Magazine:



..was also featured in Make's book of instructables:


"The Start Here robot" name has to change, though. Can we call it the "F-class prototype?" or "Robot F"?

To honor Henry Ford lets all it the "Model F". Sounds dirty though...


BTW; that book; They made some extra graphics in it, to explain more how to wire up stuff.. Only, they got it wrong, so anyone following the instructions in the book will fry the Sharp IR! I did tell them when proofreading, + other stuff, but they have ignored :/

Sucks prety much! Just hope people looks at the web or something.