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Maize Bot

This may seem like a corny challenge, but I'm hoping to see some Amaizing submissions!!

Anyway, on to the challenge.

You can create tracked, wheeled, crawling bot, doesn't matter. but it must be invloved in do the following.

You must move 2 ears of corn from point A to point B. equal to 3 meters or roughly 10 feet. 

You must start at least 2 feet away from the corn you are going to move.

You must then load those ears of corn into a container at point b. Container size does not matter but it must be movable.

The bot must make at least 1 90 degree turn at some point in it's movement.


A couple of things to consider, getting from point a to b does not have to be linear, but the distance traveled does have to equal to 3 meters. 

Distance traveled can be verticle OR horizontal, or even a mix of both. Creative thinking is key here.

I have left it very open ended to to promote creative thinking on this one, but added some restrictions that can be interpreted in many ways.


1. A load two ears of corn on a transport section of the maize bot. The loader does not have to be a gripper, it could be as simple as a seperate dumper device, but it must load onto the transport section of the bot. 

2. push the corn with a scoop to the postion.This could be tricky with the 90 degree turn rule in there.


Prizes I have. Now my question is should I split this into 3 groups for 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners?

1 used digital multimeter

1 used soldering iron with 20/40watt settings

1 5v ldo voltage regulator of my choice

a couple of leds of multiple colors

3 proto boards of varying size(and my choice)

1 surprize item!!! (once more of my choice....of course :) )


As AI1970 pointed out, I made no exception to it being autonomous....so now you know...it doesn't have to be...thanks for spoiling it and making that fact known AI!!!! if you want to make it an rc car with a grabber, you can, but you get no points for creativity....

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Well it is certainly for the crazy of LMR. I liked the corn jokes at the beginning and I may just enter this one. We will have to see....
Is there any limitations on how we designate A and B positions? Say, can there be an IR beacon at each, or maybe a black line between the 2 areas?
no limitation on how to designate them, just as long as the distance qualifier is met.  beacons, black lines, kids jumping....doesn't matter...
title says it all. i want those parts! u should also make 1,2,3 prizes

Does the bot have to move or is it only the corn? I'm thinking that the corn could either be moved on a conveyer belt, which would be attached to the bot, or the corn would be shot into the container. Also can more than one bot be used??


The bot must make at least 1 90 degree turn at some point in it's movement.

There must be a bot and it must move according to the rule above. If it shoots the corn it still has to make a 90 degree turn.

Yes the bot has to move ask jklug pointed out. 3 meters of conveyor belts could get expensive.

As far as firing the corn into the container, just remember these two other rules have to be completed as well.

You're lucky I didn't decide to use raw eggs rather than corn.  :)

You must start at least 2 feet away from the corn you are going to move. I am refering to your bot here.

The bot must make at least 1 90 degree turn at some point in it's movement.

 You can have as many bots as necessary to complete the required tasks.

So I can use 1000 bristle bots? :)
if you can build em in time!!  :)
1000 bristlebots would probably shake the house apart :D At the very least your floor would be spotlessly clean.