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Make a Good Splice

Make a wire splice so strong that the wire will break before the splice does!

I made the following chart to show the process of making a good wire splice.

Here are the steps defined:

  1. strip the end of both wires
  2. twist the wire fibers together to prevent fraying
  3. heat the metal of the wire with your soldering iron
  4. apply solder to tin the ends of both ends of wire
  5. twist the two ends over each other in opposite directions
  6. trim away any excess wire
  7. heat the wire and apply additional solder if necicary

Lineman's Splice

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Well, done. Nice pictures, by the way. :D

Thank you very much sir! And yes heat shrink or electrical tape is always a good idea.

My recent splicing challenges have been solid core to stranded core (am I using the right terminology for wires here?) or solid to solid. Any tips for those?

Also, I like your splicing support; seems much better than a third hand.

Hi, the splice I show is fantastic for both solid to solid and stranded to stranded connections. Infact this is one of the strongest splices in existance and it is the type of splice that NASA trains austronauts to use on wires on the space station. You should be fine using this splicing method on solid to stranded splices as well because once you tin both the wires it won't matter because they will both be solid.