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Maker Carnival Shanghai 2013

Well, I just want to review the Maker Carnival in Shanghai last weekend (Oct. 19 & 20). 

It was the second Maker Carnival in Shanghai and I may say it was a huge success. Many peopel came not only for watching but also asking questions and got in terested in the general Hacker/Maker activities.

DFRobot as a sponsor of the Maker Carnival had a booth showing new products and projects. Her you can see the Insect bot mini prototype.

RoboPeak was there, Seedstudio and a number of other players in the robot/electronic/3D printer business. 

Even little girls are interested in robotics...but later more about that.

I started a workshop to build the insect bot in a mini version, using 2x 9g micro servos, 1x IR sensor and the brand new Cheapduino V2 (later more about that too). The kids are just loving it. It's funny and easy to build, just see the following pictures...not only boys, but also girls did assemble it.






That's the great team of volunteers we recruted in Xinchejian to help with the Maker Carnival. left to right, me, Stephen, Ruth and Julia. Thank you all to get that workshop done, great job...

Well, I did not tell you yet but we had quite famous guests in Shanghai. Here is Mitch Altman talking with our Mind+ team.

Besides the automatic grapping strings guitar (i believe it's an Ukulele) the insect bot again :-)

One day before the Maker Carnival we had a BBQ in Xinchejian, sponsored by DFRobot and Seeedstudio with special guest Mitch Altman...

...and of course Massimo Banzi, one of the founders of the well known Arduino. Thanks Massimo!

At the Maker Carnival Massimo Banzi signed up as a member of our Hackerspace Xinchejian, one month for only 100 Chinese Yuan and got a passport with the stamp. You are always welcome Massimo.

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Awesome, Lumi! Looks like there was standing room only at your table. :)

I was not assuming to get that many people at once, so yeah...sometimes it was quite crowded. I had my first break after 4 hours nonstop working :-D