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Making machines that make

For the last several years I have been designing and building 3D printed machines that make. I have produced Lathes, mills(both Horizontal and vertical) drill presses, rotary duplicators,joystick controlled rotary sculpture making devices as well as other machines that can produce parts from plastics, foams and wood.

The idea was to make as much as possible using a 3D printer and use very inexpensive and easily obtainable components to finish the machine.

Many of the machines are controlled by joystick(Ps2 or gamer type) or a mouse. The one shown in the photo is the most basic type and simply has hand cranked wheels.

I have detailed these machines on G+,Hackaday etc, but thought I might share a peek here.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of printing to make the parts for a machine, but they are pretty simple to assembly once you have all the parts made. I made all my machines in ABS, but they could also be produced in other printable materials. These all have a surprising low amount of metal in them. While they cannot work metal(a few can) they are very durable and I abuse them on a regular basis.

Here is a link to my machine making on G+:


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You have a true talent for making machines.

For others that look at this post please take the time to click on the link that was provided in this post.

The picture that is in this post is just the start compared to the other projects you will see in the link.

Great work please post more.

I tried to post more here but had trouble getting the pictures up. Can't get them to load properly for some reason. Never had that problem before but will keep trying.

Great work indeed!

Thank you for sharing. Superb designs, I also love how these machines look with bright colored plastic. So many projects to browse. :)

Imprssive ! Never thought you can build a lathe with 3d printed parts. Aweseome work !

wow!  cool stuff.  thanks for sharing