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Memories on robotics Workshop for Arduino Day 2016 London

Explanation of a robotics workshop done for the Arduino Day


Last saturday 2nd of 2016 Arduino Day Worldwide was celebrated.

We here at Let's Make Robots wanted to do something special, and we had the chance in Machines Room to make some robots in a special workshop with kids. I even prepared a robot for this event.

Machines Room is a place for makers: it's our place LMRians! The moment I arrived there I felt like at home: warm people (in wide London, UK). All of them with their crazy, funny, or serious projects, all sharing the spirit of teamwork and respect. Also to teach you whatever you ask. It was wanderful!

Attached to this article is the video which tries to recap everything, but here some more words about it, trying to give you my feelings and thoughts:

  • Making a workshop is a hard work that starts much early than the day before. Having good people with you is not necessary, it's a survival thing. There are not enough thanks to them.
  • Children have fun and learn too... and parents also (even they don't show it sometimes, they try to play too :-) )
  • All of them will try to do more things with different things you didn't expect it... be prepared for nearly everything.

I have created an Storify trying to recap everything that happened: https://storify.com/Franciscodr/memories-on-arduino-day-2016-london

But I have to invite you to other's storifys because they rock! Here they are from LondonArduino: https://storify.com/londonarduino/london-arduino-at-machines-room-arduinoday

And don't forget to comment here and check Twitter, where we keep talking about it and new events.


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Great job Francisco! Really nice to see kids building robots and having fun.


Well, it was very nice to see the children having fun and even creating their own programs to manage the robots. Some go very creative very fast! Let's see if can be there more...




Good write up.


Thanks! Did you check the videos? What do you think? :-)


I wached most of them. Compliments for the workshop, looks like it was a great experience for everyone. mBot looks good and seem well suited for the young roboticists :)


Thank you for your feedback.

It was an intense and funny event for all I think. Yes, mBot is a very interesting kit for developing many robotics skills, for young but maybe for older ;-)