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michael “merser” seiler

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Location: brisbane, queensland, australia

Botjunkie and selective tech addict.

First experience with anything hackable that used electrons for performing feats of magic was marklin trains when I was a kid. I was fortunate to have a little more than a circle of track and loved wiring up different combinations  of points and crossings with signal control. I was also a big lego nut and the 2 went well together.

Moving along though I did my electrical apprenticeship starting at 16 and basically that's what I stuck at. An electronics interest that faded in and out over the years has these days formed into a fascination for microcontrollers and one day hopefully fpga projects.

I find robotics interesting in the key areas of artificial intelligence and autonomy. And believe that machines will oneday be as smart as us when their sensors and computing power become as many and powerful as ours. That kind of complexity I think needs to start simple and layer upon layer built up.