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Micro Servo Humanoid

Walk, Push ups, Navigate with ultrasound

Update: 03 May 2016 

[Added video of push-ups and sonar test]



Hi everyone, I am from South Africa and this is my micro servo humanoid that I am currently constructing. So far I have spent about 4 days on it, still a lot to be done.

The reason I am using micro servos is because of their low cost (about $3 each). I was initially concerned that they would not be up to the task of handling the weight of the robot while walking, they are at their limit, but the robot is able to walk.


- Hard board

- Plywood

- Aluminium extrusions cut and bent to size

All of they above materials were purchased at my local hardware store, so no fancy 3d  printers or any such devices where invloved (though I do hope to get one one of these days) :)


- Arduino Mega

- 14 x Micro Servos (1,3 kg/cm)

- HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor

- 4 x AA 2700mah cells

Planned features:

- Walking (Mostly complete)

- Push ups (Mostly complete)

- Obstacle avoidance

- Voice recogniton (To be added later with a small Android phone)

- Face recogniton (To be added later with a small Android phone)

Some pictures:


I will be uploading a video soon with its first walking gait, and will be keeping this page updated with my progress.

Thanks for looking :)

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That is a good looking and compact bot.

I am always amazed at how some people are able to do so much in so small a space.  Impressive.

I always need so much more internal room for wiring harnesses, regulators, etc...so my bots are a bit cubicle.

Thank you! It is indeed quite a squeeze to get everything in. However your bots are smarter and more mobile (this little dude walks super slowly, wheels are far more practical) :)

Hey, I really think this robot is cool, I like the concept. Could you maybe make a video on it walking? I'd really love that. Thanks!

Thanks man! I will be making a video soon, thanks to my cat bumping the robot off a table some of the servos have been damaged so I will first have to get some new ones this weekend :(

Neat robot! I am running into the same problem, servos too weak to carry the weight. Am thinking of moving to 7.4 volt servos - lots  more torque and can use lipo battery.

Would also like to see video of it walking and  be interested in seeing your code.

Thanks! I would have liked to use some high torque 6v servos with a few BEC's to drop the voltage from a 7.4v lipo but that will be a project for another day and another budget. Will be adding my code once it's finished :)

Very nice project! 9g servos are great because they are inexpensive and small, but normally consume high current and don't provide great torque. Wire wrapping will certainly help with the aesthetics. Looking forward to seeing you add more info.

Thank you! Yes unfortunately micro servos don't have a whole lot of torque but due my budget I didn't have many options. Thanks for the tip!

Very cool!

I'm a fan of DIY humanoid bipeds. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! I checked out your Godo biped, amazing Parallel Leg Mechanism there :)